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Robert-and-kids-1401-NEW Jerri-and-Kids-1401-NEW

Robert and students who performed
at TET celebration

Jerilyn and students at the Ho
Chi Minh City zoo outing

The spring issue of Bridges to Learning's "The BTL Times" is now available. Please catch up on the stories of our Executive Director, Robert Pitner, and our Founder, Jerilyn Hirsch from their visits with the children of Anh Linh School as well as other contacts made with other organizations with missions similar to Bridges to Learning.

Spring 2014 BTL Times

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Please mark your calendars for October 3rd to join the festivities at The Westin Galleria in Edina for the 2014 Bridges to Learning Gala!






Donating vs Sponsor A Child

A brief explanation is in order, some people ask me what is the difference between donating to Bridges to Learning and "Sponsoring a Child" at Anh Linh? Donations go to the General Fund unless specified for a certain program, "The Breakfast Fund" or "EyeCare" for example. Sponsoring a child enables the sponsor to directly impact the life of a particular child at Anh Linh by becoming their sponsor. You can read more about sponsorship by clicking the icon, "Sponsor a Child", above.